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Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science Homework #1: Article August 26 2010 In the article written by Rabbi Kenneth Chasen, he exposes the optimistic changes for the state of Palestine. The changes occurring in the West Bank under the authority of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad displays the capabilities of positive change. Fayyad’s leadership and vision is a dare and risk that many may question, but nonetheless, a positive one at that. The state of Palestine is in the making to a democratic transition. According to Chasen, he explains he sees improvement throughout the state, “Privately owned businesses filled with customers. Beautiful new buildings of stone and glass. Numerous new construction starts… A general atmosphere of busyness and safety.” As Chasen discussed with Fayyad, Fayyad made it clear he wanted to shift away from violence for a positive agenda to Palestine. Fayyad believes quite strongly in his state of the inevitable, for there are early signs of improvement within the local
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Unformatted text preview: economy. In regards to rivals of Fayyad, Chasen believes Americans should be in support of Fayyad as a means of prevention of war. Supporting Fayyad would be a way to diminish the influence of Iran. In response to Chasen’s article, I do support Fayyad’s effort for a democratic Palestine state. The proposal for a new Palestinian state does open the change for much opinions, in which that may be extremely harsh, but does hold a new chance for an enlightened vision. As a means of persuading Fayyad’s people will be quite a challenge, while there will be a shared resolve in Israel and the U.S. to show the people that a state in the West Bank and Gaza will be the reward for leaving Hamas, in trusting Fayyad. This is a worthy opportunity for discernible movement, while the growing population of non-Jews has to choose between being a Jewish state or a democratic state. Source:,0,4370253.story...
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