Homework #3 - Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science...

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Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science Homework #3 28 September 2010 Essentials Chapter 4: Civil Liberties 1. What is the incorporation doctrine? The incorporation doctrine is a clarification of the Constitution that holds that the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment entails that state and local governments also guarantee the rights stated in the Bill of Rights. Due to the Gitlow v. New York case, the Supreme Court noted that the states were not completely free to limit forms of political expression. The court argued that certain “fundamental personal fights and liberties” were protected from state impairment by the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process clause. States could not abridge free speech protections. By this finding, this was the first step in the development of the incorporation doctrine. 2. Why is public school prayer banned? As religion is quite the discrepancy in many regions, it has never been a subject that has lacked its freedom. The Framers knew what conflicts could arise if the new nation was not
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Homework #3 - Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science...

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