Homework #6 - Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science...

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Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science Homework #6 23 November 2010 Chapter 11: Political Parties and Interest Groups 1. Is partisanship good or bad for political system? The evolution of U.S. political parties has been smooth, and the stability of the Democratic and Republican groupings is a wonder. Partisanship is good for our political system due to the two-party system has served as the mechanism American society uses to organize and resolve social and political conflict. Both parties provide a screening mechanism for those who aspire to office, helping to weed out unqualified individuals, expose test candidates’ ideas on important policy questions, and ensure a measure of long-term continuity and accountability. Most American voters have a personal affinity for a political party which summarize their political views and preferences and is expressed by a tendency to vote for the candidates of that party. 2. Do interest groups pose a problem to democracy?
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Homework #6 - Marybeth Ibarrientos Political Science...

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