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Test #3 Study Guide American Government Test #3 Bring Scantron 882-E (The scantron for the quizzes) Bring a Blue Book (exam book) that can be purchased at the Bookstore DO NOT PUT YOU NAME ON THE BLUE BOOK Chapter 10: Public Opinion and Media Political socialization factors Factors that influence public opinion Why is public opinion important? Polling: women, religion, Political Ideology Other influences Conducting a poll Push polls, tracking polls, exit Polls Press: bias, ideological, political, Corporate Chapter 11: Political Parties and Interest Groups History of political parties Why do we have only two political parties Roles of political parties Impact of third parties/against the odds How do interest groups attract members? Collective good/free rider problem How do interest groups influence public policy? Chapter 12: Voting, Elections, and Campaigns Who votes and why Why is voter turn-out so low Types of Elections Electoral College: mechanics, number of electors, why created, advantages, disadvantages
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Test 3 Study Guide - Test #3 Study Guide American...

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