ANTHRO final - ANTHRO: STUDY GUIDE 5 (Miller, Chapter 6):...

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ANTHRO: STUDY GUIDE 5 (Miller, Chapter 6): development: Directed change to improve human welfare; focuses to prevent or reduce poverty (lack of tangible and intangible assets that contribute to life and the quality of life). Some approaches to poverty reduction focus on basic needs such as access to decent food, water, housing, and clothing, factors without which a person may die or certainly fail to thrive, some expand it to education and personal security. Two basic processes that underlie all cultural change. o Invention: Discovery of something new. Most evolve gradually through experimentation and accumulation of knowledge, but some appear suddenly. Many bring about positive cultural change, nut not all. Inspired by a socially positive goal, they may have mixed or unintended negative consequences. o Diffusion: Spread of culture through contact; logically related to invention because new discoveries are likely to spread; can occur in several ways: 1) in mutual borrowing, two societies that are roughly equal in power exchange aspects of their culture. 2) Diffusion sometimes involves a transfer from a dominant culture to a less powerful culture; may occur through force, or more subtly, through education or marketing processes that promote adoption of new practices and beliefs. 3) a more powerful culture may appropriate aspects of a less powerful culture, through cultural imperialism. 4) a less powerful and even oppressed
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ANTHRO final - ANTHRO: STUDY GUIDE 5 (Miller, Chapter 6):...

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