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Final Essay Questions - Study Guide 5 Essay Questions When...

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Study Guide 5 Essay Questions When defining social stratification, Miller defines it consisting of hierarchical relations between different groups as though they were arranged in layers, or “strata.” They may be considered unequal based on several accounts, including material resources, power, human welfare, education, and symbolic attributes (Miller). People in groups in higher positions have freedoms not experienced by those in lower status roles, and they are likely to be interested in maintaining and keeping their privileged position. Social stratification is mostly universal. During lecture, it defined it would go into industrialization once agriculture becomes involved, having an upward or downward mobility. Depending on the position, there may be little to no flexibility to move up or down on the scale of social status. When discussing how and why social stratification takes place, lecture claimed it was ethnic succession and for choice (voluntarily) to a destination. There are four types of social stratification: class, ethnic, race, and caste. Although
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