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Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor Monica Ambalal Music 4 23 August 2010 Biography My name is Marybeth Ibarrientos, a graduate from Sierra High School from Manteca, California. This is my first year attending Delta College with an interest in studying Biomedical Engineering. I have come across a curiosity in dealing with applying engineering to the medical field. As technology is rapidly changing, there comes much room for new healthcare diagnosis and treatment. I am taking the class of Music 004 to enhance my perspective that is only exposed to a limited generation. As I was a bit younger, I didn’t have the diligence or an appreciation for various music types. Listening to more music, I noticed similarities and differences that I wanted to discover more about. Growing up, I began to have a connection with not only church, but with being involved in the choir. From piano lessons
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Unformatted text preview: I had taken when I was younger, I used basic chords and improvised such notes that stayed in the key. While I played the keyboard, I also utilized my voice. Also after taking a class of Musical Theory &Composition, I was surrounded with such talented classmates. I appreciated their talents of improvisation and their ear for what sounded the best. The last album I’ve purchased was “The Bridge” by Melanie Fiona. Although she’s a bit new, I believe she’s overlooked and has a style that’s been missing in the music today. From this class, I’d like to learn music’s origins from different parts of the world and generation and ultimately, learn how to interpret music from my own perspective....
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