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Marybeth Ibarrientos Music 4 Britten - The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra August 27, 2010 In Britten’s piece “The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra,” demonstrates various textures one cannot suspense. I noticed the highness and lowness of the pitches that were being played, specifically from the string and percussion instruments. In the beginning, it immediately started with dramatic and intense tones of rejoice. I was always in suspense of what was to come about, each part was different from the previous, performing in almost all dynamics – from pianissimo to fortissimo, all in which I felt was quite uplifting through the richness after the darkness tones. The piece went from so low I would have to turn the volume higher, and eventually so loud I would have to turn the volume lower. In essence, I was never to predict of what was to come. The rhythm was particularly interesting, for I felt it was exciting to follow
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Unformatted text preview: while it kept its consistency. There were quite a few sequences in which the repetition was noticeable at higher pitches. In transition to different melodies and textures of the piece, there were a number of cadences, none of which were predictable to an end, although the true cadence towards the end was very uplifting and dramatic for the listener. The texture of the piece was all in harmony and held the consistency to rhythm. I noticed the homophony of the brass instruments with an accompaniment of the string instruments. Each segment also held different tempi, from largo to presto. I enjoyed each segment of Brittens piece, especially the last, as it sped the tempo and added a joyful texture with for the listeners. As the piece was into different segments, I could assume the composer a colorful imagination, for he was able to draw emotions based on the segment performed....
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