Castrati - older they may also be a man of strength and...

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Marybeth Ibarrientos Music 4 Castrati Assignment (late) 22 September 2010 Critical Thinking about Castrati While most of the men of the Baroque Era singing opera were emasculated men, they seemed to be quite dominant in their skill. Although these men seemed to be quite the popular names in households, their skill did not seem to be taken as a truthful characteristic. I don’t believe in the actions regarding the castrati, for not only do I believe the sound doesn’t sound pure nor appealing, it just doesn’t justify the result of fame. Although the parents who agreed with the decisions, they seemed to only perform these actions in only needs of wanting money. Didn’t the world see men as the alpha breadwinners in this era? Why now agree to degrade their characteristics of dominance? First, families wanted to reproduce other males, for as they grow
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Unformatted text preview: older they may also be a man of strength and carry on their family name. In the Baroque Era, now the people may only want to reproduce a male to degrade his chance of ever becoming a true man. The acts of castrati do not provide a sense of security at all. There would always be great risks of even surviving the procedures. If the boy survives these drastic measures, there would be another risk of him having the ability to sing. If the boy cannot sing, he is left to survive his last years that includes no chance of reproduction, strength, and the inability to ever become a true man. He is left with explaining to others how his parents simply did not care for his needs and wants at such a nave age.6...
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Castrati - older they may also be a man of strength and...

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