Concert Report #1 - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos...

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Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Music 4 Concert Report #1 27 September 2010 Stockton Symphony As the program was about to begin, I noticed the separation of instruments by the type: string instruments were in the front, percussion was stage-left, woodwind instruments were behind the string instruments, and the brass instruments were in the back of the stage. I was never aware of the vast effect of the string instruments it had as a whole, for they seemed to produce a rich tone. The conductor seemed to be quite vibrant and active with his expression to the orchestra and also, to his audience. The opening piece was the classic Overture to Fidelio, op. 72 by composer Beethoven. It was quite difficult to distinguish the brief sonata form, but the two contrasting themes contained the horns that had a dynamic of mezzo-forte form. As the main instrument of the Overture starts, the horn is highlighted with a bright theme based on the contrasting themes from the opening. The piece had a rhythm that one could distinguish of the two contrasting themes. Giving the
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Concert Report #1 - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos...

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