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Romantic Study Guide - Chopin in class notes...

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Introduction to the 19th century (189-195 and notes) -opium, absinthe, culture, wars, (do not worry about artworks) this was all in the PowerPoint or it is in your book Lied (What is a lied? What are the 3 types of lied?) -Schubert, his life, music. -Listening guide 20 Schubert – Erlking Berlioz -be prepared to write a long essay on Berlioz – use your notes and info in the book -Listening Guide 22 (Symphonie Fantastique –mvt. 5) Nationalism (what is it? how is it represented in music?) -Ma Vlast (The Moldau) Listening Guide 23 -characteristics of nationalism (notes only – some in book) -Do not study the Russian Five as we didn’t get to this 19th Century Symphony -notes from Berlioz day and introduction day -it expands -new instruments
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Unformatted text preview: Chopin- in class notes only-characteristics of his music -biography-Listening Guide 21 (Polonaise) Opera comique-Remember a little about Carmen and her character-Carmen is written by Bizet Verdi-biography-Listening Guide 24 – “La donna e mobile” -know a name of at least two operas-Significance of Verdi in opera and for Italian nationalism? – this will be an essay-Importance of choruses in operas-Risorgimento movement in Italy-Where do you hear his music? Who is Enrico Caruso? Puccini-biography -know a few names of his operas and what they tend to focus on Vocabulary: Program music/absolute music Recitative Absinthe, opium Salon Rubato Idée fixe Opera comique Grand opera Opera buffa opera seria verismo...
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