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1) Study everything that is on your ELEMENTS OF MUSIC handout except for the following: *You do not have to remember all of the tempo markings, just try to remember LARGO and PRESTO. If you would like to use the book definitions for the terminology that is also acceptable. *Also, DO NOT study about meter for the test *DO NOT worry about tonic, key, and modulation either 2) Study and read P 49-57 - you should be able to give me an example of one instrument from each group: woodwind, brass, percussion, and string families 3) Listening guides: 1, 5, 7 will be on the test. *You should be able to identify the composer when you hear the piece that I play in class. You will also be expected to tell me a little something about what you are hearing.
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Unformatted text preview: (Use Youtube if you don't have the CD's or go to the music lab on Tuesday to listen to the samples) 4) Word painting 5) Know and understand the three types of chant: neumatic, syllabic, melismatic. You may be asked to identify them. 6) Know the 5 parts of the mass, and who invented Gregorian chant. 7) Study about Hildegard von Bingen p82 8) Know about the Renaissance history p90-93 or the notes that I gave in class. 9) The churches ideas of polyphony in the Renaissance, the Pope Marcellus Mass and the Council of Trent (98-99) 10) Haut (outdoor) and bas (indoor) instruments (p89) 11) Madrigals (p.102, 104) Italian/English 12) A cappella...
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