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Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor Secor Music 8 2 May 2011 Charlie “Yardbird” Parker "Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art.” – Charlie Parker. A bebop jazz saxophonist, Charlie Parker, famously known as “Yardbird” or “Bird,” has been known to be one of the most influential and impsortant saxophonist and composer of the 1940s. Although the previous style of swing may have developed the status of jazz by being
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Ibarrientos 2 established in many American homes, the style of bop ultimately claimed mainstream status (Tanner, Megil, Gerow 169). The shift to bop was much more than a dramatic musical shift, for it was a reflection of a developing African American boldness. The complexities of bop gave way to step away from the commercialization of swing and focus the musical voice of jazz squarely in the African American character (Tanner, Megil, Gerow 169). As the style of bop became more developed for its audience, it was evident there were considerable changes in techniques and attitudes – a style that was not used for dancing (Tanner, Megil, Gerow 170). There was an including complexity that required players to extend their former playing knowledge and technique, for players stretched the harmonic boundaries of earlier jazz styles. Although players were required to have a greater and more immediate sense of chord recognition as well as chord extensions and possible substitutions, Parker played a leading role in the development of bebop, for his creative approaches to melody, rhythm, and harmony applied enormous influence on his contemporaries. Charlie Parker’s early life started in a city where jazz, blues, and gospel music were quite popular. Born in Kansas City, Kansas August 29, 1921, and then moved to Kansas City, Missouri at age 7 (Brueggemeyer). As a child, Parker’s first contact with music came from school, where he played baritone horn with the school’s band. When he was age 15, he showed a great interest in music and a love for the alto saxophone (Louck). Growing up, his interests and love for the alto saxophone led him to listen to a great deal of saxophonists Lester Young and
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Charlie Parker - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos...

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