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Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor Sheil English 1D, A.M. 15 April 2011 WC: 1,186 Animal Cruelty and its Demanding Purpose As society continues to obtain more humane and civil values, the issue of medical research with animal experimentation tends to get a bit complicated. In recent discussions of animal cruelty, a controversial issue has been whether there are worthy reasons for its purpose. On the one hand, some argue that there must be sacrifices and casualties in order to advance in medical research for the human advancement. From this perspective, animal experimentation and resources provide humans with the possibility for progression and stability for survival and enhancement. On the other hand, however, others contend that animal cruelty and malevolent experimentation is highly excessive and unnecessary. According to this view, there are no beneficial aspects to compensate for the suffering and malice animals endure in such procedures. In summary, the four arguments presented in this essay describes and further investigates the issue regarding whether animal cruelty in experiments is necessary or if it is necessary for medical progression and stability to survive. An animal-rights activist and author, Cleveland Amory, produces his solidified claim in response to experimenters and their cruel experiments in his article, “The Trials of Animals.” Amory proves his point, that in conducting experiments, scientists should be “…a judge first,
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Ibarrientos 2 then a jury. The experimenters have been both long enough” (par. 13). Amory claims scientists should be in control of their own rules and experiments in their laboratories for the human benefit no longer. Further investigating the manner, Amory made an effort to find purpose behind the cruelty giving several examples of the malicious experiments, yet reaching no proof of benefits to human and medical research. In doing so, Amory has given little chance for
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Essay 3 - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor...

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