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Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor Sheil English 1D 25 April 2011 WC: Public Decency As national television continues to take daring steps, there have been recent discussions of the decencies of televised behavior. On the one hand, some argue that major cable networks have lowered their standards for benefits of a social agenda. From this perspective, the clear principles of decency and standards have now lost its purpose. On the other hand, however, others argue that the differences of cable and network standards have its own separate objectives, thus the whole reason of a separate cable network. According to this view, there are different audiences of attraction for both mediums. In sum, the issue regards whether the conduct of all televised behavior is appropriate for its audiences of many kinds. The presented four arguments present and further discuss the controversial issue. In the article “The Boob on the Tube,” Bernice Bishop, a sports fan and mother, discusses the stunt pulled by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII. With a provocative dance number and a revealing of Jackson’s breast, Bishop along with other families, were outraged. In Bishop’s article, she claims standards of MTV have brought America to witness how low standards have degenerated (par. 4). Bishop believes the exposing of Jackson’s breast should have been avoidable, but it was definitely something that
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Ibarrientos 2 makes it evident as to how morality of televised behavior has corroded. Bishop argues the
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Essay 4 - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor...

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