Essay 5 - Human Trafficking 1 Human Trafficking: An...

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Human Trafficking 1 Human Trafficking: An Unrestrained Issue Marybeth Ibarrientos English 1D, A.M. Class Professor Sheil May 6, 2011
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Human Trafficking 2 Practiced in all regions of the world, human trafficking has become a rampant issue that may have been overlooked not only by victim’s families, but by our society itself. In recent discussions of human trafficking matters affecting many parts of the world, a controversial issue has been whether it is an issue of concern with its complexity and rising magnitude. On the one hand, some debate that the issue of human trafficking has many variables to take into account, not only with government officials, but with the people in need of money with their fluctuating, unstable economy. From this perspective, human trafficking is an evident issue that takes places in effect of economic times of crisis, or escalation, and false hopes of attaining a life of stability. On the other hand, however, others argue that human trafficking is an issue that is need of more efforts for a resolution, due to the little to no chance of social revival of the victims affected by this alarming issue. In gathering all standpoints, it is quite evident that human trafficking is an issue is yet to be controlled due to the people’s lack of awareness and knowledge of the issue. In the viewpoint of Kerry Howley, a senior editor at Reason and a former feature editor of Myanmar Times in Southeast Asia, her belief of human trafficking is quite expanded and realistic to the issue. Howley believes the issue of human trafficking is as difficult to define as it is to stop. According to Howley (2007), there is a difference concerning autonomy, for she expands the difference of immigrants versus expatriates. Considering there are many aspects to define the issue of human trafficking, the people who fall victimized to the issue are as “unsophisticated and desperate people who are ‘pushed’ and ‘pulled’ along a variety of dimensions” (Howley, 2007, para. 1). These people are poor and desperate, curious of finding ways of work to support or justify their family name. Strengthening her argument, Howley makes a point to the differing views of government and charitable anti-trafficking initiatives,
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Essay 5 - Human Trafficking 1 Human Trafficking: An...

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