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Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor Sheil English 1D, A.M. 29 April 2011 Speculation Essay: Human Trafficking Entry 1: As the author, the main purpose for an essay about human trafficking would be to inform and further investigate different aspects of the illegal trade. Although there is no set thesis or main theme to the essay yet, the main purpose would be to investigate and research human trafficking. Due to the many lives devastated and documentaries regarding the illegal human trade, it should be terminated in all ways possible. The key question to address is the main purpose of this illegal human trade. Does it provide profit for people in poverty and how so? The illegal human trade can be defined in many ways, bringing an outcome of devastation to the traded human beings. What are the standards of being traded and are there status roles of people that allow them to be traded? Would people actually allow themselves to participate in this trade? I have many questions regarding this topic, for choosing a few may be difficult. The most important information of this essay would be to identify the information that would support my main argument. Information would consist of exactly what human trafficking is and the effects of it to support my claim. I would include how out of control it has gotten with little to no restrictions around the world.
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Ibarrientos 2 The main inferences in the essay would include the need of the termination of human trafficking. Not only would many lives come out of turmoil, but the ones in skewed control must end their way of income. How can one gain such a power to sell a fellow human being for profit? If there really were rules, there would be no regulation.
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Speculation - Ibarrientos 1 Marybeth Ibarrientos Professor...

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