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Unformatted text preview: CBs 1dbdradÌii$  E`rdƒ vvtbh w v ` d tsdc wgdetq thsfvdbxÌ w d gdqc q h hv  `v` qtsfwd hsydv  Ìr wrds  wGgd vdbxÌ w d`Ìdstw h hv gdqcetÌhse x q dsbdtÌbtsw t tewgd Ìq hsyd w d0trrts FwtbpFg`Ìd 0tv 5xÌv 0ti i v d v w w i £"i i Chsd0t!ii !ii ii i i Fbtw 0t!i ii i 1dbdradÌii$ w i i Bs wgdwt `e`h y`qxdtewgdvdbx h h v wq Ì Ì w d`v dux` wth v w6sii% q w btv  wgdetq thsfw ` v b h s tbbxÌ  qƒ Edbdhydc£ËdÌ q Ì s ` wt v Ìdc 7x vg` vdrh`ssx` b`vgchyhcdscts Chsd0tbtrrts v tbp xf Edbdhydc£i ! ËdÌ Ìd q w  i vg` b`vgchyhcdscts 5xÌv 0tbtrrts v tbp FdËw Ftqc!i vg` v Chsd0t Ìd w w  i Ìd te btrrts v tbp w etÌb`vg` £$ËdÌvg`  v aÌtpdÌ`fd w Ìd qd v eddv £ii Bbw Ftqc$ii te  vg` v 5xÌv 0tbtrrts v tbp Ìd te w w etÌb`vg`w £ËdÌvg` qd v Ìd v aÌtpdÌ`fd eddv £!ii te  Aty Edbdhydc£ËdÌvg` b`vgchyhcdscts Fbtw 0tbtrrts v tbp 1db  Ìd w w ! Edbdhydc£i ! ËdÌvg` b`vgchyhcdscts 5xÌv 0tbtrrts v tbp Edbdhydc£ËdÌ i Ìd w w vg` vdrh`ssx` b`vgchyhcdscts Chsd0tbtrrts v tbp w 1dbdradÌwgde`h Ìd q w Ì y`qxd ËdÌvg` tewgdbtrrts v tbp dÌd&5xÌv 0t£ v Ìd wv w Chsd0t£$`sc Fbtw 0t w £$ 5hs &  w 7txÌs` h„dw `s ` w t v q Ì v b h s `sc `cix w s dsw etÌv tbp v h f ̃ w hsydv wrds v w vFB  FB ! `sc FB "u6s w x w t v 7txÌs` h„dwgdii% Ì s ` w t v v Ì b h s v`u q w ` v b h s `sc Ëtv wtwgd`bbtxs Fwtbp w w 6syd w v rds v w vHvdwgdG `bbtxs etÌr u CÌdË` wgd`cix w s dsw `w w  vau Ìd v h f ̃ 1dbdradÌ ii% vgt wgdvdbxÌ w d`w Ì wt h h v e`h y`qxd Ggd v tbp  w vgtx ad bq` v e d `v`y`h ` q etÌ qc v hh c qad   v` d q vdbxÌ w d  HsÌd` h„dcqt v  i vbuFgt wgda`q`sbdvgdd ËÌdvds ` h s wgd h hv vau q v£  i w w w t te hsyd wrds v 1dbdradÌii% w wg v v w`w  h c`wd E`rdƒ vvtbh w v btrrts v tbp ` d g`v w £! i i i i  i `sc Ìd ` s d`Ìs v w h dc hsf £ i  i i ii i v`u i i% 7xqƒ  0`vgv!i i £ iQ u  !iii 1hyhcdsc Edydsxd   !iii xf  0`vgv i i £ !   iQ  i u  ii i 1hyhcdsc Edydsxd   ii i 0`vgTv ! i £$u £ii  iQ V  #ii 9tvv F`qdteFwtbp6sydv ts wrds v  w FdËw   $ii   v£!i £ #i u i i Fwtbp6sydv wrds v w v!i Q £%u i  !i i Bbw   0`vgTv$i Q £u £!ii  i V Fwtbp6sydv wrds v w v$ii £iu Q  i ii 4`hsts F`qdteFwtbp6syd wrds v v w   v£!% i £  i  i ii u  %ii !%i i Aty  0`vgv!i Q £u  i   !ii 1hyhcdsc Edydsxd   !ii 1db ! 0`vgv i Q £ !  i i u  "ii 1hyhcdsc Edydsxd   "ii  0`vgv!i Q £ i u  !ii 1hyhcdsc Edydsxd   !ii Fwtbp6sydv wrds v w i i% i i% 7`s   )`q`sbd Bbw    !i i   !i i FdËw i   i i i i i% 1db  vau 1db  )`q`sbd %#!ii HsÌd`q h„dc4`hs tÌ 9tv 2uxhwƒ v i i   v£%#!ii £% i u i @`Ìpdwcixv wrds y`hq`a d w q   etÌ F`qd  i i FdbxÌh wƒ 0tv w 3`hÌI`qxd £"i i i £$ i i v i Q £ i u Chsd0tbtrrts !i i  $ii i v!i Q £ $u i Fbtw 0tbtrrts w ii i i #ii i v!i Q £$u i £%#!ii £% i i 5xÌv 0tbtrrts w vbu 6sydv wrds v w 6sydv wrds hsv tbpteqd v w w v wg`s   i¤ tsdc btrË`shd  e`hÌ v`w   y`qxd  % i i FwtbpgtqcdÌ duxh v wƒ £  0trrts v tbp w  £! i i i i  iu Edw`hsdcd`Ìshsf  v i i i i i  iu Gtw` Ë`hc b`Ëh ``sc q hs wq   Ìdw` hsdcd`Ìshsf  v  !ii i i  iu 9dv &HsÌd`q v h„dcqt v `y`h `a d v ts q q   etÌ qd v` vdbxÌ w d h h  v Gtw` v tbpgt qw qcdÌ duxh  v wƒ £ %!%i i v  iu i ...
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This note was uploaded on 06/20/2011 for the course ACCT 101 taught by Professor Joannes during the Spring '11 term at Aarhus Universitet.

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