sampleA assignment 1 nres287 - NRES 287 Assignment One 1)...

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NRES 287 Assignment One 1) Cronon believes that wilderness has become a cultural invention. He believes that wilderness used to mean terror and waste, but now society has created the image of wilderness as being National parks and places preserved for sightseeing. Nature is now seen as something that is sacred or a place for recreation, but not for living. Because of this cultural view, Cronon believes that people have created too high of standards for nature and that where we live is no longer considered nature. This view has led to environmentally irresponsible behavior because people do not feel connected to nature anymore so when they leave the so called wilderness they do not think they need to worry about protecting nature or being environmentally friendly. Cronon believes that this is the trouble with wilderness and that our society needs to recognize the wilderness near our homes and eliminate the idea of wilderness being where people are not. Cronon points out that it is inevitable that we have to change nature in order to live there, but if we realize that we are part of the wilderness then we will be better about deciding how we want to change it and change it in a way so it can be preserved. I really enjoyed reading this article and thought it gave me a new view on the influence culture has on nature and how people ignore the nature around them and instead expect the picture perfect view that gives them a religious experience or allows them freedom. I think that this is a good reason on why some people are not as environmentally aware because we have created a gap between living and wilderness.
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sampleA assignment 1 nres287 - NRES 287 Assignment One 1)...

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