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P a g e | 4 9. Internal circuitry or mechanical/electromechanical components shall not be exposed to the users 10. Disassembling a storage module or remove it from the system shall not be feasible from the front side of the system 11. The machine should be durable and easy to maintain Functionality 1. The access door of each storage module must be unlocked in less than 3 seconds after the user presses a respective key on the keypad 2. The door must close and lock automatically 15-20 seconds after it was unlocked, unless the user holds the door open. At any time if the door is closed the system must lock the door within 3 seconds. In addition the door must stay open within 15-20 seconds after it was unlocked 3. When AC power is down, all doors must remain locked, the microcontroller must remain operational uninterruptedly on a rechargeable DC power source 4. The machine must be fully autonomous, and no interaction with an external PC or
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Unformatted text preview: remote control is permitted during the operation System 1. The system must be plugged in a standard AC 110V-60HZ 3-pin outlet 2. The user account information, system configuration, and weekly activity logs must be saved in the system, even after the microcontroller is completely powered down Cost The total cost of the prototype must not exceed $200CDN 2.3 Background and Survey Throughout the history, a convenient storage system that could satisfy both security and privacy requirements had always been asked for. In ancient times, people hid things in a place that only they knew and hope other people would not find out. For example, pirates always hide treasure on a small pathless island. However, ancient methods neither guarantee the security or privacy of the goods nor provide convenient access for the user....
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