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P a g e | 5 Thanks to modern technology, in our time people are able to store their belongings conveniently without sacrificing the security and privacy. Fig.2.1: Cashguard The bank vault system, personal safe, and the bus terminal storage system are examples of modern storage system. However, these products do not fit the requirements of our project. The bank vault system provides extreme security to user but it cost too much and the huge size limited its application. Consequently it can only serve a limit number of customers for limit types of applications. Moreover there are still problems within transportation and installation due to its large size and weight. The personal storage system can be easily deployed almost anywhere due to its small size. The users have to keep the storage home or carry it with them, otherwise it can be easily taken by others. It is not fully automatic and not designed for future configuration. The bus terminal storage system provides convenient access to many people, but it use
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