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P a g e | 7 not designed to resist large movements of the modules; as a result, a metal connector is used ( see figure 5-G ) to enhance the attaching purpose. 3. 4 Door Orientation Since the automatic door operation system is the crucial part of this design, the door opening orientation will have a large impact on later technical design. By opening the module’s door upward or downward, we would accomplish the requirement of either automatic-opening or automatic-closing due to gravity, but the other part of the automatic operation mechanism has to be resolved by motors as the door weight requires a large power to pull it up ( see figure 7-J, K ). At this stage, using such a large power motor may not be safe or feasible due to its difficulties on fabrication. As consequences, a horizontal door is the essential and an easier operation system need to be obtained ( see figure 9-L, 8 ). 3. 5 Automatic Open/Close Mechanism
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 5.1 Closing Mechanism One common design for automatic door closing purpose is using motors to bring back the door. However, in this project, a motor is rather complicated and less cost effective since the calculation tension force, angle and length of motor’s pulling string must be precise. Also, the technical requirement, electric requirement, set up and fabrication of motor is rather difficult. As a result, springs which naturally go back to its original state is chose to bring back the opening door to its closing state. The orientation of the spring set up is either vertically through the connection between door and door frame ( see figure 7-N ) or point connection between door and frame. Due to the time limit and fabrication difficulty, latter design is chose as the pulling force can be easily increased or decreased by adding or deleting springs ( see figure 9-L, 8 )....
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