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P a g e | 10 D2 IV 290 16 - - - 21 D3 IV 240 16 - - - 21 18,19,20,21 I 255 36 16 - - 21 The thickness of the beam is always D = 5mm, the cutting thickness is always b= 2.5mm The beams will be connected as showed in figure 17-S, T. Covering Material The aluminum sheet which covers the surface of module have a large Young’s Modulus value (70Gpa) with low density (2700kg/m3) will help to keep the weight of modules within 2-kg while ensure the strength and stability of the system. Back Side Configuration (see figure D) One 50*30mm 2 will be cut off from the right top corner of each module to allocate room for a wire connection purpose 6 pin socket ( see figure 4-E ). Four screw holes for large and medium modules and two screw holes for small modules are going to be made on the two sides. Two screw holes will be made on the back side of the modules at both top and bottom sides. These holes allow mortise and tenon joint using U-bolt and metal connector between adjacent modules for the attachment and detachment purpose (
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  • Fall '10
  • Emami
  • Mortise and tenon, door¬†frame, wire connection purpose, Automatic Open/Close Operation, automatic opening mechanism

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