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Design Proposal.page13 - instead of higher level language(C...

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P a g e | 13 The third circuit is the Detect Circuit. This circuit is able to detect the status of each module (opened or closed). The micro switch installed on each module is connected to a voltage and a very large resistance. A wire connect each resistor to the 74HC151 8-input multiplexer, so that whenever a micro switch is shorted a high signal is send. Each multiplexer is responsible for 8 micro switches, so two is need for 16 micro switches. The PIC Address is a microcontroller output port tells the circuit which module to detect and the PIC Data Input receives the current status of the designated module. 4.3 Microcontroller Description The Microcontroller PIC16F877 is used to control the automatic storage system. A two line LCD and a 4 by 4 keypad forms the user interface. The program will be written in compile language
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Unformatted text preview: instead of higher level language (C, C++ etc.) to provide maximum efficiency. The program algorithm is shown in Fig. At the first time the program runs, an administrator should perform an initial configuration which includes setting administrator password, setting Time/Date, input number of modules, and setup user accounts. This initial configuration is essential for the system to perform properly. These settings can also be changed later by administrator. After initialization, the system is ready to perform. Most of the time, the system is in standby mode and waiting for instructions from the keypad. When a key on the keypad is pressed, the system is woken up and user can login. Normal user who has registered in the system can open the storage modules assigned to Fig. 4.2.3 DETECT CIRCUIT...
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