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P a g e | 14 Initial configuration by Administrator Program Initialization Standby Mode Display Real Time Keypad User Input? no User Login Normal User Administrator (1)Open Door or (2)Settings (2) Choose One Storage Module to Open Sure To Open? Open The Door (1) Yes Yes No Anytime No Keypad Input for 60s Or User Press Log Off Button Save Action in Log Door Closed? No Yes (1)Change Password (2)Guest Password Door Opened? Yes Error! No Change Passowrd Setup Guest Password Guest User Expired? Choose One Storage Module to Open Sure To Open? Open The Door Yes No Save Action in Log Door Closed? No Yes Door Opened? Yes No Error Message Open Module (Process Similar to Normal User) Select Menu System Setting Retrieve History Display History Delete History Storage Modules User Accounts Delete, Add, Change Password
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Unformatted text preview: Add or Delete Modules Lock Module their accounts. They can also change their password or setup a guest password and its validity period. The Guest users can only open the storage modules assigned to their accounts within the validity period. Every time the storage module is opened, an entry is posted to log file recording Time, User ID and storage number. Log entries will be kept for seven days and it will be deleted automatically after that. Only administrator has access to the log file. The administrator also has the power to lock a certain module. The module cannot be open by any user until the administrator unlocks it. Fig. 4.3 PROGRAM ALGORITHM...
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