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P a g e | 15 5. PROJECT MANAGEMENT 5.1 Task Assignment The detailed task assignment assigned to each member of the team is listed below as separated in different progressing stages 5.1.1 Electromechanical Member Task (Ying Li) Designing 1. Design the inner and outer structure of each module, including the design of how to attach them together 2. Design the mechanism of the lock 3. Design the mechanism of automatically opening/closing Calculation 1. Calculate detailed geometry, 2. Calculate the kinematics 3. Calculate the weight 4. Calculate the moment of inertia estimation
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Unformatted text preview: Fabrication 1. Acquire all required material for all the modules 2. Construct frame and structure of each module 3. Install all locks and automatically opening and closing mechanism to the module Testing and Debugging 1. Test the structure of each module for each requirement 2. Test the functionality of each actuation mechanism 3. Debug Integration 1. Collaborate with the circuit member to include boards/wires in the module 2. Attach all modules together, install to the outer frame...
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