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P a g e | 16 5.1.2 Circuit Member Task (Simeng Ding) Designing 1. Design the digital interfacing electronics to connect the pushbuttons to the microcontroller 2. Design the digital solenoid driver circuits 3. Design the signal calibration/protection Calculation 1. Detailed analysis of current and voltages 2. Detailed analysis of power requirements and specification 3. Investigations on the possible effects of signal interference when all the solenoids and pushbuttons work together Construction 1. Acquire all the power supplies for actuators, circuits, pushbuttons, solenoids and the microcontroller
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Acquire all the required cables, boards, chips etc 3. Construct the breadboard 4. Solder the components on solder board Testing and Debugging 1. Testing on breadboard 2. Testing on solder board 3. Debugging Integration 1. Collaborate with the electromechanical member to include boards/wires in the module 2. Collaborate with the microcontroller member to decode Assist Microcontroller Member after Reading Week 1. With completing incomplete codes (e.g. user interface) 2. With individual function debugging 3. With IDE system compilation & simulation...
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