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P a g e | 22 6. CONCLUSION The concept of the proposed design is to simplify the design in all mechanical, circuit and microcontroller perspectives. The main idea of the proposed design is to use two solenoids and a spring to achieve the automatic opening/closing and locking/unlocking functions. The microcontroller and circuit design makes it possible to expand the number of modules controlled by a single microcontroller from 5 to 16 by simply adding wires with no modification required to either the circuit or the microcontroller parts. More modules can still be added but when the number gets too big it will not be practical in realistic because it is not very convenient for more than 16 people to share one keypad. One limitation of the proposed design includes the limit number of users allowed to use the system at the same time. By now the system design only allows one person to access the system while others cannot use it until that person is done. However the
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Unformatted text preview: problem is not impossible to overcome with some modification on the existing microcontroller and circuit design. Another limitation of the proposed design is that the user will have to hold the door against spring force. However, the door is not going to close within 15 seconds if the user does not close it. It will stay unlocked and will not be fully closed. This somehow protects the privacy of the user because otherwise if the user leaves without closing the door other people would be able to look into the module in the first 15 seconds. 7. REFERENCES [1] M.R. Emami, AER 201 Engineering Design Course Notes, Institute for Aerospace Studies, Winter 2009 [2] Canadian Safe Manufacuring, available at [3] Mechatronics Wiki, Flip-Flops and Latches, available at [4] Datasheet Catalog, available at
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