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Essay 2 - Diegan 1 Jonathan Diegan Miss R D Doddato English...

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Diegan 1 Jonathan Diegan Miss R. D. Doddato October 18, 2007 English 111- Section 5 Cone Wrappers and Duct Tape: Ingredients for a First Date There are nights that are bound for greatness. Adversely, there are nights where greatness is achieved after the fact. The following account it a bit of both. It is a small and, most likely, greatest tale of a date with a girl. It takes place in a simpler and much quieter place and time. A time when gas was fewer than two dollars and the biggest problem in the world was who would win the hometown football game. It was almost October, when Jon Diegan set out to find a girlfriend. All previous efforts had failed, however Jon was very optimistic about this girl for he had a plan. Not only would his big appearance and shy personality not hinder his attempts this time, they would play to his advantage. His plan consisted of two steps. The first was to perform such a romantic gesture that no one could turn him down. Step two was to make sure the first date was not too serious. He felt the best way to do this was to find a friend who would set a laid back atmosphere. If he could do these things, he knew all he would have to do is sit back and watch the sparks fly. For once he was sure of his plan and knew he could succeed, or at least he hoped he could. Jon had been especially happy today. Everyone who knew him noticed more spring in his step. Jon was in the process of unleashing step one of his plans on an unsuspecting Sarah Sprouse. She was an average size girl in the high school, with dark hair and a beautiful smile. Jon had crushed over her ever since being an eighth-grader. He had asked her out once previously, but had been turned down due to a previous relationship. Today, however, it was not about the past for Jon, it was about the future. He had carefully made up rhymes in his head all
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Diegan 2 day long. In class he had not paid much attention, rather sat and thought about how to impress Sarah. After school he went to football practice, however not even the sweat and pain of practice took his thoughts away from her and the plan.
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