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Lowry_ADV 3320 Exam 2 - E xam 2 Advertising 3320 Stacy...

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Exam 2 Advertising 3320 Stacy Blakley 2) How did the Civil Rights Movement and/or the Women’s Movement influence American advertising? Do you consider this influence positive or negative? Why or why not? Many factors played a role in shaping American advertising. Among these was the Civil Rights Movement. While it did not have an influence on advertising right away, it later took its toll on the advertising industry in the 1960s. During the civil rights crusade advertisements stayed very much the same as they had in the past. Advertisers targeted suburbanites – well-educated, white Americans – excluding minorities such as Africans Americans and individuals who were single or widowed. Being a single parent was not well- regarded during these times. Racial stereotypes were largely used to gratify the white audience. This fueled a few African American admen to start their own agencies targeting black consumers. As years passed and the black “special market” began to rise, advertisers became more aware of their use of stereotypical images used in ads and such images began to fade. I believe the Civil Rights Movement’s influence on American advertising to be positive because of the sensitivity it inlayed in advertisers toward stereotypes. Without using typecasts, Advertisers has to find new innovative ways to reach consumers (pg 262- 263).
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Lowry_ADV 3320 Exam 2 - E xam 2 Advertising 3320 Stacy...

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