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Soap, Sex, and Cigarettes Chapter 1 – The Beginnings The general purpose of advertising – to inform and to persuade – has not changed.  The Impact of the Printing Press o The most important development in the history of advertising was the introduction of the printing press around the mid-1440’s. o Printing provided a way to record facts and important information on documents so that people no longer had to rely on their memories. o The new technology also enabled the development of the first forms of advertising – printed handbills, posters, and trade cards – and the first mass medium – newspapers. Selling the New World o The effort by English entrepreneurs to attract new settlers to America was “one of the first concerted and sustained advertising campaigns in the history of the modern world,” according to historian Richard Hofstadter. Colonial Advertising o Boston News-Letter was the first regularly printed newspaper in America. o
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Lowry_ADV 3320 Notes - Soap,Sex,andCigarettes...

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