Branzburg v. Hayes

Branzburg v. Hayes - Stacy Blakley November 22, 2010...

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Stacy Blakley November 22, 2010 Branzburg v. Hayes - MLA Branzburg v. Hayes Facts Paul Branzburg was a reporter for the Courier Journal newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky. On November 15, 1969 the paper published an article written by Branzburg about two Jefferson county residents making hashish from marijuana. Within the article Branzburg stated that he would not reveal the identity of the two residents. Branzburg later wrote another article, again dealing with the use and production of illegal drugs. On two occasions the Jefferson County grand jury summoned Branzburg to court demanding that he reveal the hashish makers identities. Branzburg refused to disclose any information arguing that the First Amendment gave him the right to keep his gathered facts secret. A trial court judge denied him of this refusal so Branzburg requested to go before a higher court, the Kentucky Court of Appeals, who also denied him. He then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. They decided to review his two cases along with two
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Branzburg v. Hayes - Stacy Blakley November 22, 2010...

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