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April Ross HSM/270 Check Point Program Plans & Grants Explain the relationship between program planning and grant proposals. When describing each component, address their similarities and differences and how they relate to each other. • 200-300 words Organization and prioritizing are key factors when it comes to applying for a grant. A grant application requires of a lot of information including the grant proposal and the program plan among other things. A grant proposal is a collection of information used to request funding for a particular program. A program plan is a detailed layout of how the program will run effectively and efficiently. Program planning focuses on the outcome of the program. Knowing what the program is for, how much time and resources are being used for the program, and what are the boundaries for the program. Program
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Unformatted text preview: planning involves identifying a specific need and projecting any future needs of the clientele. Once a need is targeted the goal is to create a plan that will address the issue. Documentation of programs involved, evaluations, reports, and other necessary information is also used in program planning. A grant proposal identifies the need or problem and gathers research involving the plan of action. The grant proposal is a package of information used to convince the grantors that the program designed will be the best candidate for the grant. A well written grant will include a summery, an introduction, a problem statement, the program objectives, a program method, evaluations, a financial budget, and future funding plans. Other information may be included depending on the grant application's requirements....
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