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CheckPoint- Process and Outcome Evaluations Resource : Process and Outcome Evaluations Multimedia Complete the Process and Outcome Evaluations Multimedia located at tml Summarize the characteristics of process and outcome evaluations. Provide two examples of each type of evaluation: process and outcome. Post your response in 200 to 300 words . The process evaluation answers how something is provided and how the actual system works. The outcome evaluation provides statistics and answers the question “does it make a difference”. A process delivers outputs. The process evaluation documents, monitors, and evaluates all the steps taken resulting in the output. The process evaluation is important because the information gathered is used to document the effectiveness of the organization with instructions to repeat if necessary.
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Unformatted text preview: An outcome is the result of a process or output. The outcome evaluation helps decide if projects and the strategies used are effective. The outcome evaluation also provides feedback of the overall results. This evaluation process is important because the recorded information is used to assess the final decisions of the organization. Example: The local Chamber of Commerce spent a total of 100 hours recruiting runners for its annual Arts Fun Run. This is a process because it displays how the action is carried out. If the act is involved then it answers the question “how did you get the results?”. Example: The Chamber of Arts Fun Run earned $10,000, $30,000, and $50,000 in consecutive years of operation. This is an outcome because it is the result of the event without a description of how the action was carried out....
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