HSM 270 Check Point- Grants in Human Services

HSM 270 Check - S Is all the data and evidence collected S Is the budget complete S Is the time line complete As you Write Once the needs are

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HSM/270 Check Point- Grants in Human Services April Ross “Having a good story, a great plan, and proper preparation before you write is key” (Bonaiuto 2004). Before You Write The first step in writing a proposal is to search, plan, and budget. Before the actual writing begins a search for supporting evidence is necessary. Why is the Continental Senior Center a great program? Looking at statistics shows that 60% of the community are seniors. This is supporting evidence that a senior center is a good idea. A plan of action would include coming up with ideas for activities the senior center would have to offer such as; referral services, case management, and family services. Completing a time line will help keep the tasks simple and organized. It is also important to draft a budget before starting to write simply because the budget is the foundation of the whole proposal. S Are all the needs for the program outlined?
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Unformatted text preview: S Is all the data and evidence collected? S Is the budget complete? S Is the time line complete? As you Write Once the needs are outlined, the data is recorded, the time line is complete, and the budget is drafted the writing can begin. With all the information at hand the writing process should be quite simple. Keeping in mind who the audience is and what the objective and goals are will make writing the proposal less complicated. As the Final Test Once the proposal is written it is extremely important to proofread and double check the whole proposal and attachments. Having others proofread the proposal is also a good idea. The final question that needs to be addressed is: Would I contribute to this cause after reading all the information laying in front of me? If the answer is 'no' then the process needs to be re-evaluated....
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