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Check Point- Recruitment Methods - organization could be...

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Check Point- Recruitment Methods Name one internal and three external ways that you could recruit for the job in your final project. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each recruiting method for this job? One internal way to recruit for a job position would be in a newsletter. Some of the advantages of this method would be that the employee is familiar with the company, the other staff members are already familiar with the employees personality, and the qualification and ability of the employee is already known. Some disadvantages of this method would be that once an employee gets promoted or moved their old position will need to be filled and the opportunity of bringing something new to the
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Unformatted text preview: organization could be jeopardized. Three external ways to recruit for a job would be through newspaper ads, internet sites, and temp agencies. Some advantages to recruiting from outside the organization would be new ideas brought to the table and a more diverse atmosphere can develop. Some disadvantages of this method might include confusion of the regular routines, problems with communication, clashes of personalities within the organization, and finding the right person (who is qualified) for the job based on a face to face interview and resume rather than actual interaction in a work setting....
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