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The need for qualified employers is extremely important to this company since it takes nearly a decade to become partner. After ten years of having about 50% female employers the unforeseen problems started to show. Deloitte & Touche were loosing valuable employers because it was harder for a woman to qualify for partnership due to lack of training and communication. Since advancement for female employees was so difficult; leaving the firm seemed like the most logical thing to do. Once the company noticed the dilemma they realized that changes had to be made. They conducted a search for the answers. Information was gathered from all the women in the firm and some that had already left. Thoughts on ideas and solutions were collected and used to fix the problem. The three biggest concerns were; limited advancement, male dominate networking and mentoring, and family
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Unformatted text preview: issues. Changes were made to eliminate or at least minimize the major issues at hand. Seminars, flexibility, and career training for women were some of the major changes made. These changes helped the company grow tremendously. With over 75% of the employers now being female the firm became well known for a great place for thriving women to succeed. All aspects of the company improved. The only advice I would have given would have been to provide more commendations to the employees such as child care or counseling to help deal with some of the family issues. Getting to a more personal level with all of the employees might have helped solve some of the issues and provided solutions for the root of some of the problems....
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