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CheckPoint- Performance Appraisal - position already...

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April Ross Check Point: Performance Appraisal A performance appraisal is a group of methods used by an organization to measure or evaluate the job performance of employees. Career development and advancement can be achieved from this process. Generally the supervisor of an organization obtains and records information regarding an employee's production (or lack of). The strengths and weaknesses are used to determine whether or not an employee should be promoted, trained for promotion, or simply replaced. This process keeps an organization running smoothly. Criterion deficiency is used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of the
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Unformatted text preview: position already obtained. This measurement determines whether an employee is actually qualified for the specific position they are attempting to fill. This measurement helps determine if an employee is qualified for the position in question or a possible new position that will utilize their qualities better. Reliability is important to determine whether or not an employee is capable of not only doing their job but doing it well in any situation no matter what conditions arise....
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