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chem review - Vocabulary(key terms) 6.1 Quantum...

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Vocabulary(key terms) Formulas Important people Facts 6.1 Quantum theory- Explains behavior of electrons. Quantum mechanics- physics developed to explain atoms correctly. Electronic structure- refers to the number of electrons in an atom as well as the distribution of electrons around the nucleus and their energies. Electromagnetic radiation- a form of energy that has wave characteristics and that propagates through a vacuum at the characteristic speed 3.oox10eighthm/s(example visible light) Wave length-distance between two troughs or peaks Frequency-number of complete wavelengths or cycles that pass at a given point each second(hertz,s/s- 1) Electromagnetic spectrum- shows wavelengths span from increasing wavelengths. The speed of light =lambda(wavelengthxn u(frequency) Energy=constant times frequency(the constant h is called Planck’s constant and has a value of 6.626x10to the negative 34 joule second(j-s)) Max Planck – energy can be either released or absorbed by atoms only in
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chem review - Vocabulary(key terms) 6.1 Quantum...

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