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uage. This can be solved by creating programs like ESL and easing the students into the language. We then look at the different gender rol This is a program created for those students that do not speak English at home as the primary language. It is created to aid these students This is a type of learning style genre that categorizes students. These students will have more success seeing whole concepts not individu This is another type of learning genre. These students will see ideas apart from the large concepts. They will work more independently a This is the ability to learn and use skills. It is hard to define however because many students will have different way of doing this.
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Unformatted text preview: There This is a score that measures skills and performance. It was part of Alfred Binets work for the French government to aid in the identifying This is an evaluation of how an individual learns. It works by finding traits and similarities in different people and how the obtain knowl This is the idea that there are different skills and abilities that lead to knowledge. In Garner’s theory there are 8 different abilities. Field Dependence Field Independence Intelligence IQ Learning Styles Multiple Intelligences Jon Diegan January 21, 2008 Education 112 Cornell Notes (Pages 97 – 127)...
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