mge302 Fall 2010

mge302 Fall 2010 - Managerial Economics: Microeconomics,...

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Managerial Economics: Microeconomics, Markets and Managers MGE302 Fall 2010 TENTATIVE SYLLABUS UB SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT State University of New York at UB MGE 302 A: Digital Access 8/30/2010 - 12/10/2010 Teaching Jennifer Yates: Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:30pm: 4:00pm Assistants: 245 Jacobs Management Center; Marc DiLoreto: Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am to 11:00am 245Jacobs Management Center; e-mail: MGE 302 – Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Hodan S. Isse Office: 242 Jacobs Office: phone number: 645-3219 Email: Office Hours for Dr. Isse: Monday and Wednesday 11:10 am -12:10 pm or by appointment Course Objective : To apply economic theory and methods to business and administrative decision making so as to sharpen students’ analytical skills and practical application of better decision making and problem solving in both private and public setting. Course Overview The Course is designed to help managers, analysts and consultants in making sound decisions in identifying ways to efficiently and effectively achieve goals while considering the constraints they face. By using applied economic concepts and quantitative tools, it provides the students a tool bag that is essential to the analysis and solutions of the day-to-day problems that have important economic and managerial implications, for private, public and nonprofit organizations. 1
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C LASS POLICES : The students are required to prepare for the class regularly, prepare before class and finish all assigned reading and quizzes. Students are also expected to adhere and enforce the long-standing academics honesty as is set by University. Please go to the appropriate UB website or read your student handbook on these polices. Please check the class website periodically for announcements and new developments. Students are expected to have prior knowledge of some basic math such as graphing; calculus, statistics and some skills in excel applications. Anyone with special needs should talk to me early in the semester, so I can address these needs. TEXTBOOK TEXTBOOK Managerial Economics customized Edition, by Thomas & Maurice, McGraw-Hill, 2010, ISBN 9-780390-292766. ( Required ). 9 th is ok to use. GRADE DISTRIBUTION 94 to 100 A 90 to 93 A- 86 to 89 B+ 82 to 85 B 78 to 81 B- 74 to 77 C+ 70 to 73 C 60 to 69 D 0 to 59 F TESTS, HOMEWORK and QUIZZES The will be two examinations in this course: A mid-term and final examinations: Midterm and final examination. The midterm-term
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mge302 Fall 2010 - Managerial Economics: Microeconomics,...

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