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Notes Chapt 6 - Segregation Teacher/Student Backgrounds LEP...

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Chapter 6: Ecology of the School The School's Function as a Socializing Agent - providing intellectual and socializing experiences in the US, a democratic society, this is constantly debated as the goals of socialization change Universal, formal, and prescriptive- open to all, methodical, provides direction Goals- Table 6.1 Macrosystem Influences on Schools- the school reflects the political culture Educational Decisions- Political Ideology Economics Culture/Ethnicity Religion Science/Technology School Choice - Magnet school Charter school Tax Voucher Failing school Diversity and Equity - Gender Ethnicity- Gaps in Achievement-
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Unformatted text preview: Segregation Teacher/Student Backgrounds LEP- limited English proficiency Religion-Disability-Chronosystem Influences on Schools Adaptations to Societal Change Educational practices influenced by researchers Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 Secondary Educ Act of 1965 (Title 1) 1983- A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform NCLB Act of 2001- measurable achievement Technology Violence Macrosystem Exosystem Mesosystem Microsystem Substance Use/Abuse Mesosystem Influences on Schools School-Child School-Family School-Peer Group School-Media School-Community...
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