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Chapter 3 Be able to define and explain/give examples for: Carbon linkage/bonding capacity Functional groups – be able to list them (table 3.1) Table 3.2 Monomers/Polymers Simple sugars/monosaccharides (give an example) Disaccharides – give an example and understand what they are composed of Polysaccharides – know the four types and describe/explain each. Lipids – know all the different classes of lipids (p. 47-53)
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Unformatted text preview: Saturated vs. unsaturated fatty acids Lipid and carbohydrate energy storage Phospholipid structure – in cell membranes/hydrophilic vs. hydrophobic Triglyceride structure Proteins – what are they composed of? Nucleic acids - what are they composed of? DNA structure p. 58 (Adenine/thymine/cytosine/guanine as well as sugar and phosphate components) Table 3.4 on page 59...
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