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midterm11 - y ID In fl1e High Middle Ages peasants'3 A...

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Unformatted text preview: y ID. In fl1e High Middle Ages, peasants '3 A.) supported only thermelyes and their families. '3' El] often supplemented agnnJltural labor with work in other trades. '5 C} were legally constrained to perform only agriculmral work. '5' D} bemme increasingly irreligious. Points Earned: 2.032.121 $9 11. According to Mohammed '3 A.) salyaijon an be ad1ieyed by adherence to the rituals. '5! El] religious warfare was required of all Muslims. if} C} Judaism and Chrisljanity must be deslmyed. '3' D} salyaljon Elme only by me grace of Mah. Points Earned: 2.032.121 ...
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