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midterm review notes

midterm review notes - Midterm Exam Study Guide Parkland...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Exam Study Guide Parkland College Your exam will consist of 20—30 objective questions and one essay. The potential essays are listed below. 11-IE PROFESSOR WILL CHOOSE TWO ESSAYS OF THE THREE BELOW FOR 11-IE TEST YOU WILL WRITE ON ONE OF THE TWO HE HAS CHOSEN. You should develop your essays before opening the test since you only have two hours to complete the test once you open it. Indicate which essay you're doing on the test by typing the word in captial letters at the beginning of the essay you chose. lWILLIAM Explain the changes that occurred in England after William the Conqueror took the throne. In what ways was feudalism at his height under William? How did William's invasion differ from that of his Viking ancestors? ISLAM The U. Wright Publishing Company has asked you to write a college textbook about Islam and its influence on the western world from the time of Muhammad I AD. 800. What would you put in the chapters? You must have a book title and at least five chapter headings and brief chapter synopses on the publisher‘s desk in 45 minutes. The publisher will check for accuracy as well as creativity so let your mind soar. If your idea is accepted, you will receive an advance check for one hundred thousand dollars (there's a lot of money in textbooks)! Hurry! ROME Discuss the fall of the Roman Empire. What events and social changes precipitated the fall, what happened as a result? What ideas and institutions survived th< empire and became important aspects of Western Civilization?The fall of Rome caused the desintegration and re—organization of Europe. Discuss how Rome fell then explain the results of the fall on Europe. Be sure to include the Eastern Empire in your essay. ...
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