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Unit one overview

Unit one overview - Unit Overview ‘lhe Roman Empire...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit Overview ‘lhe Roman Empire encompassed much of the known western world and held sway over its subjects century afier century. In the early years of the empire (first century, AD.) , the government was Emained and controlled by a succession of powerful emperors. As the empire continued to grow, its emperors became weaker and wealoer. The power ofthe mm; was such that they could by shear force command who would be their emperor. This led to rapid overturn and a subsequent weakening, not only of the emperofs position, but also ofthe empire itself. Eventually. the glory that was Rome disappeared into the rubble of history. At the end of this unit, we should - Be aware of the influences and forces that shaped Westem Utilization. Understand howthe early caesars sought to control and maintain the empire. Realize how important the influence of Christianity became in imperial politics. Comprehend how Diocletian and Constantine Iattempbed to slow the gradual decline of Rome. Have a clear understanding Dime major Forces that may have caused the fall of Rome. Go backto the unit menu ...
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