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unit 2 overview - Lesson Overview and Objectives In AD 410...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson Overview and Objectives In AD 410. Germanic tribes became the first peoples to succeazfully invade and briefly conquer die city of Rome in over 800 years. This event was indicative of the beginning of the end oflhe western empire. while 111: weshem half slowly dianged hands and evolved norfi'lward, the easlaem empire liln'ved and expanded; fliis was 1113an in partto the foreeight of Diodetian and Constantine who had divided the empire east and west. ‘l11eyr renamed fl‘e cityI of Byzantium, ailing it Constantinople, and established a newI empire that IMJJId suvive for anodwer fliousand years. While Christianityr struggled and adapted in the west, a newI and vibrant religion, Islam, erase in the east and began tn expand. Its Impact on watem culture and his‘tnn,‘I would be impermntand impressive. Ew the end of this unit we should be able to discuss ltle foundations cifthe medieval period understand how Chflslizmity adamed. and evolved under pagan influences comprehendtheimpactthatBymnfinemdmamjc culmrehadmlEurope ...
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