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Unit 3 overview - Lesson Overview and Objectives It was...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson Overview and Objectives It was often believed that the middle ages were a time ofabysmal ignorance and stagnation. New evidence suggests that this was not so. More and more evidence pointstD a living and active academic community through medieval Europe. This reached a high medieval peak during the reign of Charlemagne. Crowned the Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne held vast powers and encouraged learning. With scholars from England and other parts of Europe he sought to improve Europe and the church through education. His death signaled the beginning of the end for his empire. Division and in-fighting lefi the Franks weak, and allowed invasiom from Vikings and others. The brutality ofthese Viking invaders is legendary; forthe most: part it was not tJ'ue. By the end ofthis unit we should - be able to list factors that led to the creation of a Carolingian state. - understand the character and success ofthe Carolingian Renaissance. - be prepared to discuss the break-up of the (arolingian Empire and its role in the development of feudalism. ...
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