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Unit 4 overview - Lesson Overview and Objectives The death...

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson Overview and Objectives The death of Charlemagne allowed a reign of chaos to erupt in Europe. It appeared that the newwestern civilization that Charlemagne had created would be lost to outside invasion and internal disputes. The potential disaster did not occur thanks to several factors: 1) the revitalization of the church and the monastic houses, 2) the rise of a new and sucoessful group of kings from Germany to England, 3] the restoration of a limited peace in Europe when the Crusades sent thousands of feuding knights to reclaim the Holy Land for their faith. By the end of this unit we should _ be able to discuss factors that led to the revival of Europe understand the reasons for church reform in the eleventh and twelfth centuries comprehend the part that monastioism played in the revitalization of Europe know what effect the Crusades had on oonternporary history ...
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