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Close Reading Yuxin Tian Pygmalion’s Image Chuilleanain is an Irish poet who was born in Cork city. She graduated from University of Oxford. After that, she lives in Dublin with her husband as an associate professor of English literature who has special interest in Renaissance in Trinity College Dublin. Noticeably, she is a founder of the literature magazine Cyphers. In 1973, Chuilleanain won the Parick Kavanagh Poetry Award for her first poem collection. In 2010, her work the Sun-fish won Griffin Poetry Prize. With reference to the title, Pygmalion is a legendary figure from the Greek myth. He is a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he has created. Specifically, he carved a woman with ivory. The female statue was so realistic and vivid that the sculptor fell in love with it. When the Venus’ festival came, the sculptor made a wish to Venus that the ivory statue he made would become a real woman. Fortunately, Cupid, the god of love, was sent by Venus to change the statue into a real woman. The woman was endowed with a ring that represents love as a gift from Cupid. Venus finally realizes the sculptor’s wish. Then, they got married and had a son. Based the story about Pygmalion above, this poem is much easier to understand. This poem describes the change of the statue from a stone into a real woman and how the statue perceives life. The poem explores the creation of a new life.
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The first stanza describes the scene before the transformation of the statue from a lifeless stone into a real woman. This poem starts with a peaceful and relaxed tone. The statue may be put in a garden inOr in a valley delete Then, the second… Very nice! Not so similar, but they both have the potential to disturb or disrupt through their actions. Discuss further this powerful moment in the poem.
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Engl 101 - Close Reading Yuxin Tian Pygmalion's Image...

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